• Every child can have an Official Tooth Fairy Box! Created from a 2" round metal container, each is lined with felt, hand stamped and colored, embellished with ribbon, washi tape, rhinestones or twine. Each box is unique and individually packaged. Several colors and styles available - specify upon communication with artist for delivery.
  • Cartoonish

    Vividly-colored assemblage incorporating vintage 2D and 3D objects. Base is stretched, gessoed canvas painted with acrylics. Permanent markers delineate areas filled with color and small trinkets. 17" x 20" with white metal frame.
  • Part of a Flotsam & Jetsam series, this piece features recycled debris, toys, jewelry and other miniature objects to evoke childhood memories. 14" x 22"; framed.
  • A whimsical assortment of flat and sculptural objects were added to a decorative acrylic abstract. 24" x 28"; framed.
  • This little fish box is filled with cat toys to delight your feline friend. Handmade from heavy cardstock - colors may vary slightly. Local pickup in Antioch CA
  • Tops

    Inspired by the Mercado de Coyoacan while on vacation in Mexico City,  Anamilena Ayala painted this colorful collection of toys with acrylic on canvas. 11" x 14" unframed Local delivery, pick-up or ship by mail Concord CA