• Inspired by my summer sea shell soaps. Textured acrylic with paper maché sea shells. 10"x8" unframed. Local delivery may be available.
  • Skyfetti

    Assemblage (aka as Seurat Smoosh) incorporates found objects with paisley designs. It has an Impressionist feel with the dabs of pastel colors. Detail is drawn with permanent markers. 28" x 24; stretched canvas with wood floater frame.
  • Summertime fun at the beach! Assemblage with 2D and 3D found objects added to acrylic painting. 9" x 9" framed in black metal.
  • Cartoonish

    Vividly-colored assemblage incorporating vintage 2D and 3D objects. Base is stretched, gessoed canvas painted with acrylics. Permanent markers delineate areas filled with color and small trinkets. 17" x 20" with white metal frame.
  • Rain Cloud

    This rain cloud hangs from the ceiling - made from upcycled screen mesh, copper wire and plastic Mardi Gras beads. Pick up at aRt Cottage, 2238 Mt. Diablo St. Concord